Complaint regarding Abusive Horizon Foods Representative

At approximately 12:30 on July 22nd, an individual representing himself as working on behalf of Horizon foods (1-888-easy-food) rang our doorbell to try to sell us the services of Horizon Foods. I answered the door and when he started his pitch I pointed out the sign on the door that said No Soliciting. He continued his pitch indicating that he didn't care about the sign and tried to explain what the company sels.

I again told him I was not interested and he continued with his pitch at which point I informed him I would be calling the Sheriff. He said he didn't care. I called Security Services and gave them the vehicle information (license 6T00547), and I left a message for Horizon foods complaining about this person.

As he moved on to the neighbors houses, I took a picture of his truck, and a picture of him as we was waling back to his truck, and he said to me "life is too short" which I interpreted as a threat.

This behavoir is completely unacceptable. I think that as community, we should not accept behavoir like this from vendors and I will be telling my neighbors not to subscribe to this service, and that by doing business with this company that they may be bringing undesirable elements into our neighbohood.

My calls and emails to the company to complain about this employee were not returned.

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