Abusive Telemarketing and Tellecommunications Scams

This page describe problems with abuseive telemarketing, debth collection, and telecommunications scams, including repeated calls to number on the do not call registry, calls to incorrect numbers by debt collectors, and similar activities.

Calls from (213) 337-0021 (Caller ID MAXIMUS)

In mid November 2007 I received a series of calls, a couple of times each day that showed on my caller ID as Maximus (213) 337-0021. The calls were for someone that I never heard of, but the call sounded as if it was a debt collector. I instructed the person on the phone not to call this number again, but the calls continued. At one point the person asked me to identify myself, and I refused. Subsequent investigation turned up complaints by others using this phone number, not just for debt collection, but also for contest solicitiations, and other activities that sounded fraudulent.

Calls from (310) 402-5119

In January 2008 I received a call from an automated dialer, and my caller ID indicated the number originated at (310) 402-5119 on my cell phone, which has been registered on the do not call list for more than a year. The recorded message tried to sell me some kind of discount carpet cleaning service. I hung up, and I reported this call in a compliant to the FTC do not call registry.

Calls with caller ID blocked from "Carpet Care Specialists"

On 4/21/8 I received an automated a call from an automated dialer with a recorded message trying to sell me carpet cleaning. The call started "This is diane". I clicked through to the agent to get iformation about the caller - since I am on the do not call list. They identified themselves as "Cartpet Care Specialists" and said they were in Culver City. When I informed them I was on the do not call list, they abruptly hung up and refused to provide any additional information. There are many reports of such calls from this company, yet unfortuantely, not much has been done to stop them. Some of the phone numbers that other sites have reported they call from include 310-405-6388, 310 494-0252, and 213-221-1002.

I have also received calls on mycell phone (also on the do not call list) from a similar carpet clearning service with a displayed caller ID of 310-946-687. This is not a typo, there were one too few digits in the number, making me belive that it is spoofed caller ID number, and that this is not really the number that is calling. This same truncated number appeared in my missed calls a day earlier, so they seem to be using this malformatted numer consistently.

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