Why I once suggested you avoid OfficeMax

Quite a number of years ago I had problems with a rebate from OfficeMax, and this note is based on that experience. I do think that they have improved signicicantly since them, though I am still upset that I still, many years later, have not received the promised rebate.

In my opinion, you will avoid potential problems by avoiding companies that act in the way that OfficeMax did when I had my problem, and instead using Staples, OfficeDepot, or Costco for your office supply needs. I wasted significant time, and incurred significant aggrivation in my dealings with OfficeMax at that time.

My problem with OfficeMax started with the purchase of a computer disk drive from an a location near my home in Ladera Heights California. The disk drive was advertised as having a $45 rebate that would be received upon submission of the appropriate documentation. I never received the rebate despite repeated followup, including resubmission of the copies of my original submission. OfficeMax's rebate processers claim to have never received the required documentation. I believe their rebate processing department intentionally lost submissions and stalled on followups in order to deny rebate requests that were properly submitted.

Even if you are not purchasing an item for which a rebate applies, at that time I suggested avoiding Office Max, since it is my belief that a company that uses fraudulent practices in one part of their business might do so in another. A such, I expected you might have similar problems if an item you purchased was defective and required a return. In my opinion, such a company was likely also to engage in other deceptive practices.

In recent years, the practices of OfficeMax seem to have improved, although they still have not provided me with the promised rebate. If you have had similar bad experiences with OfficeMax, especially recently, then please contact me at (they at

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