Time Warner Inflicts Incessant Telemarketing on its Customers

July 2008 During the past year I have received repeated calls from telemarketers working for Time Warner trying to sell me added cable services that I either did not want, or had already cancellled in disgust. In all cases I spoke to a supervisors and told them I did not want any further calls, and in all cases the calls continued. While the marketers identify themselves as Time Warner, when pressed (by asking, who signs their paycheck) they acknowledge that they are outside firms that have been contracted by Time Warner to make the calls. It appears that they have been provided with my phone number, my name, and the services I currently subscribe to (somewhat out of date) by Time Warner.

They also claim that the earlier calls I received must have been from a different sub-contractor, and thus my request that they not call me doesn't apply. The name of the firm that called the latest time, on behalf of time warner, was a company called SATCOM Marketing. I have tried to tell Time Warner directly that I do not want such calls, and that I do not want them sharing my information, but it is really difficult to find the right contact to make this stop. It seems to me that Time Warner is so disorganized, and they subcontract so many functions to others, that they always seem to claim that, that must have been a different subcontractor.

At one point, when I was explaining to the supervisor that I didn't want theitr telemarketing calls, I was informed that (the following is paraphrased), "this isn't a telemarketing call, you already have a relationshop with time-warner". I had to explain to this fool that, "no, it really is a telemarketing call, you are calling me by phone, I didn't ask you to, and you are trying to sell me a service". That I have a prior relationship with time-warner may mean that the rules of the do not call list do not apply, but the call is still telemarketing.

Anyway, I just sent the following to what appears to be one of Time Warners addresses for privacy issues. I realy have no belief that it will actually stop the incessant calls, but by invoking certain right under california law, at least they may have to do some work to respond. For those of you who have had this problem and live in California, you might consider sending a similar message:

    To: My time warner account number is [OMITTED].

    Over the past year I have repeatedly received unwelcome telemarketing calls from your contractors that identify themselves as Time Warner, and who have tried to convince me that I should sign up for additional Time Warner services that I do not want. In each case I have asked to speak to a supervisor and told them in very clear terms that I did not want further calls, but I continue to receive calls. It appears that you (Time Warner) contract with multiple outside firms to make such calls and keep providing them my number. My repeated requests to no longer receive your unwelcome intrusions into my personal time are acknowledged by the supervisor and apparently promptly forgotten.

    I am hereby putting you (the parent company) on notice that I do not want my number provided to ANY third parties, including your own contractors, for the purpose of sales calls, and further I am informing you that I do not wish to be contacted by phone directly by your company for the purposes of selling me additional services to which I do not subscribe.


    "California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also known as S.B. 27, allows our California customers to request certain information regarding our disclosures in the prior calendar year, if any, of personally identifiable information to third parties for their own direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please contact us at either..."

    I hereby request information about all disclosures in the prior calendar year of personally identifiable information about me that has been made as covered by the provision quoted above. Sincerely, [NAME OMITTED]

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