Report of Time-Warner Digital Phone Installation after authorization revoked

Deme etria Car ouche reports

December 20, 2007

I am writing about the horrific service from the infamous Time Warner Cable company. I too have been a victim of their "must change to Time Warner" services. I was a Comcast telephone customer who lives in a house with my mother who is an AT&T telephone customer but has Time Warner for her cable and Internet services. We have always had our own separate bills with our names on the bills accordingly. Sometime ago a Time Warner representative came out to the home and said that if I do not switch over to the Time Warner Cable Digital phone services I would be without phone service.

I asked the representative several times if there would be any additional changes that would be needed he assured me there would be no other changes to the account. When the technician came out he said that he was there to update my cable box and Internet service, I once again explained to the tech that I only had a phone by Time Warner and that was the only thing that was suppose to be changed. He did not have my name or information on any of his paperwork, instead he had all of my mother's information. I explained to the tech that he had the wrong name on his order, and that she had not agreed to any changes or update to her current services. I was then told that I would have to change my phone services to my mother's name or change her Internet and cable services to my name because they would only allow one name on an account per household, in addition they would need to add another phone jack next to her computer for the phone services which was completely unnecessary since we both had operating phones in separate rooms for years. After hearing all of the nonsense he had to say I denied the services and sent the tech upon his way.

A couple of days later, I no longer had a dial tone on my phone. Of course the day they decided to disconnect my phone services I was expecting an important call from my child's doctor. I was extremely upset and called Time Warner about what had happened, the first customer service agent I spoke to, spoke horrible English even though they ask you to press 1 for English? She hung up on me after she could be of no service. The second person I spoke to put me on hold after telling him my long story and then too decided it would just be better to disconnect me. I finally got a hold of an English speaking person the third try who once again told me unless I agreed to allow them to condense the bills and drill a new hole in the wall for a new phone jack I would not have phone service. At that point I just decided to call my mother's phone provider who had no problem setting up a new account still separate form my mother's and was patiently waiting for my phone to be reconnected sometime next week.

Time Warner on the other hand decided to come out again without any authorization from myself or my mother who are the two account name holders and spoke with an adult in the house who had no idea what was going on and said they had an appointment to update phone, cable, and Internet service? Did I miss something?? Needless to say they did everything I had denied them of doing when the initial tech had come out days before. A new phone jack is in place, a new computer modem, as well as new television channels. But the best part about it is they took it upon themselves to add this to my mother's account and even decided they would change her home phone number to my old Time Warner number. Once my mother found had she no longer had AT & T phone service she called and complained to a Time Warner supervisor about their mistake, the supervisor was very rude and uncaring, probably bothered that she had to get on the phone. My mother sensed the lady's aggravation and told her I will contact my lawyer. The supervisor bluntly said, "Do what you have to do", and hung up.

I then called the next morning to try and get matters straightened out after being placed on hold for about ten minutes an agent came to the phone, I explained the story to her she then left me on hold off and on for about an hour to say she still could not get the problem solved and would need to call me back later. She called me at work about two and a half hours later to say a tech would be out next Mon. to fix their mistake and my mother should call AT & T if she wanted to keep her phone number she's had with them for over thirty years. I asked why would we have to wait so many days for someone to come out when they came out when no one asked them to, she just said that's the best they could do. They can't be serious!

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