Report of Time-Warner Customer Receiving Cable Modem Infested with Cockroaches

April 2008,
The following message was sent by a (now former) Time Warner customer in Columbs Ohio:
    This is a true story, even though Time Warner does not care.

    A couple of days ago we got a new cable modem from Time Warner. It was meant to bundle telephone service and computer service into one package.

    Somebody came out to install the modem, got it started and left. Immediately we started to see cockroaches emerge from the modem! Big ones and little ones! Spilling out of the ventilation holes in the modem were a sw(army) of roaches! Any notions of loving kindness towards animals flew out the window as the cockroaches poured out of the modem. My husband and I both witnessed this to our outrage.

    I called Time Warner and was flatly informed that my story was "impossible". I wanted them to return within 24 hours to switch modems. No way. They seemed to have dismissed me as a crazy lady! I have another human witness, however.

    I have put the modem in a strong plastic bag and duct-taped it shut. I'm getting my phone number back to the indifferent but insect-free ministrations of Ma Bell. I'm switching my ISP. It may take about a week for this all to happen and I may not be around much on my usual haunts.

    But I'll get this incubator of cockroaches out of my house. I'm trading Time Warner in for a small local provider and I'll have to hope that these cockroaches have not implanted themselves around my house, blithely mating.

    Let this be a cautionary tale to you. Time Warner may think it's impossible that they are slopping cockroaches about, but it's true. Observe new electronics with perforations of any kind before you allow them into your house.

    I am outraged by the deep indifference of Time Warner and their refusal to accept the idea that they could be harbouring cockroaches in their equipment.

    Columbus, OH

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