Unethical Business Practices

How to protect yourself when dealing with

Questionable Companies

There are companies that I avoid because of past problems. In my opinion, these companies demonstrated questionable business ethics in their dealings with me. By following the link you can read about the problems I had and draw your own conclusions. I believe that if a company is unethical in one part of its business, I can not expect to to behave better in others. For this reason, I believe you too might want to avoid doing business with these companies.

Companies that try to mislead us

There are companies that I would like to avoid because they try to mislead us in their advertising, prominently displaying certain rates and prices, but leaving to the fine print information that adds significantly to what we must pay. They hope that when we compare their services with others, we will do so omitting these extra charges. These companies also often have rate structures that are difficult to understand (they often get it wrong too), making it very easy for them to overcharge us without out noticing.

Companies that Don't Treat us with the respect we are due

There are other companies that I believe one should avoid because they have employees who fail to treat the public with the respect they are due. Such companies should be given the opportunity to address such issues, apologiz for the actions of the their employees and taking action to make sure that such treatment does not occur again. When such companies chose not to set matters straigt, then those considering doing business with such a company should know about such matters.

Companies that we can't seem to track down

Some activities are conducted by companies, or in some cases criminal enterprises, that hide their identity or contact information so that we can not track them down. This section reports such activities.

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